Individual graphics design

Your unique e-learning system theme becomes your business identity, at the same time raising its prestige.

Individual user accounts

Each user can create their own account. Edit account information and insert your avatar. Each account will be unique. Users registered in the system can create groups.

Your own social network

The system gives you the opportunity to create a completely separate social networking site. From now on, all employees could meet on their own social platform.

Quick exchange of information

The quick exchange of knowledge is becoming more and more effective. Communication on a social platform is displacing telephone or e-mail communication. In the business area, the rapid exchange of information is extremely important.

Discussion forums

The forum is a treasury of knowledge, a place where everyone can express their own opinion. The forum is knowledge gathered in a simple and intuitive way.

Information exchange channel

Ease of communication between users is ensured by tools such as discussion forums, instant messaging, the ability to conduct private conversations, a blog or notifications sent directly to the user.


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