Totora is a Moodle based platform, adjusted to the customer’s needs. Created to expand and monitor an educational program for employees. Totora allows you to: create learning paths both for individual users and whole groups, organize training sessions, and most importantly monitor progress through a wide variety of reports. Thanks to Totora education becomes an integral part of human resource management.

Individual graphics design

Your unique e-learning system theme becomes your business identity, at the same time raising its prestige.

Flexible management

User friendly content management system for publishing learning content that can be accessible for individual users, groups and units.

Activity monitoring

Course administrator has the ability to view, when a user started and finished training. Plus, access to user statistics and activities.

Detailed reporting

A simple and clear reporting system for groups and organizations allows you to display various data, like: pass rate, amount of time spent on training, test results and more.

User management

Ability to create almost unlimited amount of user accounts. Assigning users to groups and courses allowing all users to receive their access data at the same time.


Easy communication between teachers and standard users thanks to forums, surveys, chat, blogs and even an sms messenger.

Development opportunities

Creating new development opportunities and developing competencies, both these business solutions will raise your workers commitment and help you to verify their knowledge hence pick right people for adequate positions.


Gamification will help to raise motivation and improve results through merging education with gaming.

Structure, hierarchy, positions

Will make administration easier, moving part of authorization to your clients and at the same time clearly reflect the structure of your company.


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